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Linux-Nvidia Stuttering Graphics
01-10-2018, 06:15 PM,
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Linux-Nvidia Stuttering Graphics
Maybe this will be of some help to others too.
I had problems with the performance after a few upgrades of hardware, OS and drivers. There seems to be a bug somewhere among them. I had stuttering graphics, meaning that the game didn't run as smooth, fluid and steady as it used to. Not at a low frame rate, it was more like dropped/skipped frames. At first I had to disable "Full Composition Pipeline" in nvidia-settings. But after the OS upgrade (Debian 9.3 from 8.9) that was not enough.
Disabling Full Composition Pipeline did indeed eliminate the stuttering, but the game started to tear. I messed around with VBlank in nvidia-settings and in game, tried with it enabled and disabled at different frame rates with no luck. Then I started to fiddle with Flipping. I don't know what that does but it seemed to fix the problem. But after a reboot I was back to square one! It turns out I have to disable Full Composition Pipeline and then enable Flipping and disable Flipping then start the game in order for it to be playable.
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